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Green PM recently attended 'Diversity in the Built Environment' - a roundtable discussion hosted by Hydrock.

Everyone in society benefits from great infrastructure. The buildings we live and work in, the roads we travel on, the cycle paths we cycle on, the power stations that generate our energy. But is the industry that drives the vision, the design and the construction of this infrastructure, inclusive, diverse and open to everyone? A thought provoking debate considered such questions as: - 

  • If we agree that a balanced workforce results in greater creativity and better output, how do we achieve this without positive discrimination?
  • In a society facing diverse challenges such as social care, mental health and wellness, how do we provide flexibility in the workplace for those that need it?
  • In a digital, data-rich age, what skills does our industry need to embrace to stay ‘current’?
  • How do we make our industry a positive choice when kids first say, “I want to be …. when I grow up”?

Thanks to Hydrock and Turley for a very interesting morning.

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