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Fifty Shades of Green

How well is your organisation addressing sustainability?

Sustainability management is establishes as a key to reducing operating costs whilst boosting sales and ensuring staff are happy and motivated. It is equally applicable to SMEs as it is to large multinationals and, when applied well, requires very low resources apart from 'business as usual.'

Here are our 10 questions to gauge how well your organisation stacks up.

1. Do you know what your competitors are doing? Are they publishing formal GRI reports of their sustainability and are you able to keep level with them.

2. Does your organisation measure its Carbon Footprint - and if so do you include this within your Annual Report and market to your clients/prospects to full effect?

3. Are you able to respond in an informed manner to tender requests for your Sustainability Performance?

4. Do you interrogate your suppliers' sustainability and if you do, how well do you use these profiles to bolster your own credentials?

5. Do you know and manage the true cost of waste and waste management within your business?

6. Do you formally measure how much sustainability costs in your business and the ROI and do you get to report to the Board?

7. Do your employees understand that sustainability is much more than 'being green' and have clear direction on steps they can take (and the benefits)?

8. Do your marketing communications reflect your actions ? Are they on target, do they miss the point or are they just 'greenwash'?

9. Do you fully implement your sustainability/CSR report, or does it stay in the filing cabinet without proper implementation, so you are never sure if it's working?

10. Are you actively using sustainability to drive economic  performance?

If you have answered 'no' to any of these questions, you may have holes in your sustainability management that need addressing to protect profits and market perfromance and reputation. Think about it.

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