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How's your office air quality? Meet our Foobot!

The quality of indoor air not only affects the health of employees in the long term but can decrease their productivity in the short term. Therefore, air quality should be a high priority for businesses. High levels of carbon dioxide can make people feel drowsy and uncomfortable. Office equipment and cleaning products can further pollute the air which can lead to illness, allergies and discomfort, especially for those with airway sensitivities such as asthma. Therefore, good indoor air quality can facilitate higher productivity, fewer lost working days due to illness and better quality sleep

Simple ways of improving the air quality include having ‘working’ indoor plants. They all have different jobs -  some plants capture dust, others absorb radon or provide higher levels of oxygen.Interestingly, Nasa used plants to improve the air quality in their space shuttles for their astronauts. Not only did the plants create good air quality, the act of tending to the plants was also cathartic – another benefit for staff morale.

To improve our office environment we have invested in a range of specially selected plants (chosen by our environmental expert, Rachel) and a 'Foobot' air quality monitor. The Foobot sends data to your phone that identifies the particulate matter, volatile compounds and carbon dioxide. It provides the measurements in a simple format which is easy to understand. The Foobot changes colour when the air quality diminishes, signalling that we need to increase the ventilation.

The combination of hard working office plants and purge ventilation is a simple way to manage the air quality here at Green PM HQ so that we're bright and alert all day!

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