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Reuben's Retreat

Green PM, along with industry colleagues, have offered their services to a very worthwhile cause- the charity Reuben's Retreat.

Reuben's Retreat have recently purchased a substantially sized property, encased in 1.63 acres, currently boasting over 21 bedrooms and also a separate lodge.Says Reuben's Mummy,

'This is a huge project to undertake, and the building lends itself to being refurbished in phases.  Work will commence in February 2015 on phase one, which will be our bereavement counselling support centre. Then we move on to revenue generation and community engagement. This will serve at the middle part of the building, for local park access.  Followed by refurbishment to each side of the main building, converting this to a daycare facility and we hope 4 large self catered apartments for our beneficiaries. For this we will need to raise another £1.5 – £2million and we expect this will take between 3 – 5 years'

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