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Foobot Update

The Footbot is an Indoor Air Quality Monitoring device, designed to advise when air quality indoors is poor by showing the measurements it has taken on various factors relating to air quality.

The Foobot measures key areas for detailed monitoring. Areas include; Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide, VOC - Volatile Organic Compounds which are toxic chemicals found in sprays or furniture. Particulate Matter - dust and fumes not filtered by the body. Humidity - as damp or overly dry areas can promote mould or bacteria growth. Indoor temperature and humidity is also measured as well as the general outdoor pollution status for the geographic location.

After using the Foobot for over a year we have felt a positive change in employee behaviour actively aiming to improve ventilation before being prompted by the Foobot's orange and red lights shown when the air quality level reaches poor. Being able to quantify the day to day levels gives us a greater understanding about the pollutants that are frequently occuring and whether we can mitigate their presence. Together by aiming to increase ventilation in the office by opening windows we have incorporated indoor air-purifying plants.Indoor-air purifying plants help to get rid of stale air and act as a natural humidifier, which can prevent or ease irritation to eyes, nose, throat and lungs. We currently have a Ficus tree which can help filter out pollutants as well as being an aesthetic addition!

Good air quality is vital to comfort and health. Poor air quality can cause health problems such as headaches, fatigue and irritations.

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