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Jonathan Parnes

Regents Godiva Ltd completed its first major project in Coventry in September 2018, a 772 bed Halls of Residence “Godiva Place”, the largest single halls built outside of London. Pivotal to the success of this project was the team at Green Project Management, led from start to finish by Jonathan Greenhalgh. It is fair to say that this project would not have succeeded without the tireless and professional approach which Jonathan and his team provided. Our stakeholder tenants, Coventry University, are delighted with the building which was delivered on time ahead of the 2018/2019 academic year.As a direct consequence Regents is now embarked on its second major project in Coventry which will be on a significantly greater scale than Godiva Place.We would only progress on this venture on the condition that the same professional team is retained with Green Project Management at its helm.

Managing Director, Regents Godiva