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Sustainability Expert Joins Green Project Management

Green PM is delighted to welcome a new member to our team. Rachel Tate joined us this month as Project Manager having recently gained an  MSc  with distinction in Sustainability.

So Rachel, why Green PM?

'Firstly, I wanted to work within an SME. The findings from my dissertation highlighted that SME’s had the environment that I would thrive and develop in. Jonathan Greenhalgh is extremely knowledgeable and approachable. It was an amazing opportunity to learn within a supportive environment, from a wealth of experience. Green PM have a diverse team which is split 50/50 by female and male employees, which is quite unusual within the industry. Their professional approach to tasks compiled with their motivation to keep evolving and improving is fantastic. They use the strengths and motivations of individuals within the team to develop as a business and move forward with the changing industry. Finally, their sustainable culture aligns with my personal interests. I am now really excited about my role within Green PM, how I will develop and support the ongoing development of the business.'

Tell us more about your MSc

'My studies explored procurement, people and culture, lean integrated design, project and process systems, and my chosen dissertation subject. My dissertation investigated how knowledge management could facilitate the implementation of sustainability. Primary data was collected through semi-structured interviews with individuals involved in BREEAM projects. The findings created a knowledge management strategy directed at Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) and to my surprise and delight, I was awarded a Distinction with a mark of 91%.

Interestingly my findings deduced that SME’s had flexible working practices that evolved with the needs of a project and different project teams. Their knowledge management strategies were informal and focused on personal interactions within the project team and wider network. It was found to be the most effective way of problem solving, finding information and learning from others experiences.' 

Added Jonathan Greenhalgh, Managing Director of Green Project Management

‘I am delighted that Rachel has chosen to join us and with her knowledge, experience and drive I know she will be a great asset to Green Project Management and help us to further grow as a business.’

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