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South Ferry Quay

Wren Properties

South Ferry Quay, Liverpool

Project Manager
Green PM

Aran Architecture

Mechanical & Electrical
Troup Bywater's & Anders

CDM Adviser
Green PM

Project Dates
July 2018

Three buildings located on South Ferry Quay in Liverpool required retro fitting of necessary fire alarm and life safety equipment to all blocks. All three buildings adjoin a series of townhouses, with a total of 36 apartments.Green PM were appointed to identify the scope of works required to fulfil the project aim and coordinate the works with designers, facilities managers and fire regulation standards. Acting as Employer's agent to provide project coordination support to ensure the project proposal meets cost, quality and programme requirements coordinating consultants to explore different options, identify constraints and interfaces are understood. Green PM were also appointed CDM adviser to ensure project proposal meets regulatory requirements and is mindful of future maintenance.